Monday, April 24, 2017

Who is to win in France, Le Pen or the Sarkozy look alike?

I didn't want to discuss France really. It is up to the people. Citizens of most western countries are in a very dangerous mood, including recent elections in the USA.

Standard political parties were abandoned. I am not sure it is over in the USA. From what I can assess the people didn't care anymore. Americans. They didn't care about their government. They were/are in a very peculiar attitude. It was all attitude.

The attitude is that anything is better than what we have had. There is no demand for expertise. The people voting for Republicans believe the people are better off if their candidates and winners of politics are not qualifying. They believe qualifying ruins their representation. To that end they are probably correct.

The idea is that Americans want what they want and if that means destroying their government they are better off. They have found out exactly how dangerous that attitude is when Donald Trump turned on them. I don't know if it is a lesson or much as an experience. They may not have changed their attitudes at all only to realize they need a different savior.

Americans for some reason don't realize POLICY is as important as the candidate. They believe a Presidential Veto Pen and Executive Order Pen will FIX IT ALL. There has been so much wrong for so long they want control and they want change now.

It is disappointing to realize Americans don't even recognize the Plutocracy of which Trump bends his knee.

They finally do realize The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a good thing. They finally realize this was a good decision on the part of President Obama, but, they do not recognize him as the man who put it all on the line to drive it home. There is profound bigotry among Americans. I strongly believe the head winds President Obama experienced was because of the power he had as a black man. There is nothing else like it in USA history.

If I were a racist and realized I had a black president, I would do everything necessary within the discipline of "Peaceful Genocide" to prevent any change in my life. That happened "Peaceful Genocide" with the attack on The Voting Rights Act. Absolutely.

France is such a magnificent country and sets the value system even within the United Nations for global compassion. Imagine now the right wing wins the Presidential election in France, what happens to compassion in this world?

We are on a very dangerous brink. Do we annihilate human life unmercifully until the world is as we demand it to be? Russia thinks so. Russia is convinced in order to survive on Earth they have to annihilate every country/person that stands in the way of safety to Russian supremacy. The USA military warned us and our Presidents of this brink.

But, France. France is so very important. It has such a precious place in the way we see ourselves and the future. France was measuring the idea it would disarm from nuclear capacity. France would be the first permanent country to remove any nuclear weapons from it's country's arsenal. Then as that was suppose to take place, Daesh arrived and global balance began to look different and today there is Russia creating a greater breach in the global balance of power. France stepped back and thought it would wait just a little longer.

Both candidates in France are worrisome, but, so is the USA. For as much as women need to take leadership in the world at the pinnacle of government, Le Pen is too extreme. I believe Emmanuel Macron is the best choice right now. Unfortunately, Macron resembles Sarkozy. Yes, Nicolas Sarkozy. They look similarly. If people don't like Sarkozy, they will probably carry that dislike forward and won't vote for him.

It is up to the people. They need to think clearly, the world needs France as the moral guardian of life itself. I wish the French people great success. I hope they are wonderful the day after the election as before. I never expected the people of France to hold their quality of life so dear in their lives after the Paris attacks. But, to give up the lives they loved was worse than the attack. The attack would not change them. It changed Americans, though.

The presidential race in France is important, but, what is more important is that the people of France are still as magnificent the day after they decide.