Monday, April 24, 2017


Hm. Does Senator Schumer and/or Minority Leader Pelosi have the perfect bill for Immigration Reform?

Given the political climate of the USA, is the immigration reform bill perfect?

Sanctuary cities exist to reduce crime with the theory that exposure of the truth among the Undocumented will keep the city safe and keep them safe. Does it work in the year 2017? The statistics should show it. The policy has been in place a long time.

Does the USA need a border wall? Why and why not? California had to build three walls in order to begin to find control without a significant breach. Where are the facts. If the Democrats are going to hold their ground on the $30 plus billion dollar wall, then the facts should embarrass the Republicans and President enough to MAKE THEM BACK DOWN. That's clout. Making the Congress to back down is significant leadership. It is great optics. It is great politics. Don't do it, if the Democrats aren't going to come up smelling like roses.

Does the USA need to ban specific ethnicity from our country? There are some very dangerous white men like the man that killed the children on an island in Norway. Before he committed the heinous act would he have qualified to come to the USA? Would we be looking to read his mind?

The immigration issue needs to revolve around the safety of Americans. If the Democrats have the answer then they should put it forward and find out how the American people see their plans.

The immigration courts need to be expanded. Even people carrying out their legal visas are having trouble getting into the immigration courts. That has to be part of the immigration bill.

The Dreamers have to be given a path to citizenship and the ones protected by President Obama should be put first in line to their citizenship. That means they are provided "Green Cards" TODAY.

Immigration reform has to be real. It has to work. That means Mexico and other countries have a voice in ending the Undocumented coming to the southern border. What does that look like and does it include beefing up Mexico's military?

The last time immigration reform occurred was under Ronald Reagan. It didn't work. We know it didn't work because the Undocumented are here and still coming, albeit slower. There are at least 11 million people undocumented in the USA. This is their home. They have made it their home. Many are elderly now. 

There has to be a return to the benevolence of the USA. That means a comprehensive plan that is deserving of this country and might include training the Mexican military to handle it. Latin America is different than the USA. Policing is very different including corrupt politicians with no respect for the people. There are dead students. How did that happen?

Jungles are different. The USA military has experience with Vietnam, but, look what we did. We did Agent Orange. The way forward for Mexico as our southern neighbor may be different in their prowess in protecting ITS southern border. 

Then there were the children refugees. Their families were terrified for their lives. That is not a sovereign government. If Latin America is not safe is the USA?

Immigration reform is a big subject and ignoring it has gone on for too long because of risky politics in the USA. Politics that now wants to build a $30 billion dollar wall.