Friday, April 28, 2017

Is the violence over yet?

April 27, 2017
By Abby Hamlin

Ann Coulter (click here) was nowhere to be found in Berkeley on Thursday, but hundreds of protesters showed up anyway.

The high-profile conservative pundit’s off-again, on-again, off-again speech for Thursday at UC Berkeley was canceled for fear of violent protests, and in the end she never showed. Yet police geared up to deal with fringe political groups and rioters who have clashed there before — at another conservative speaker’s canceled event....

There has to be an end to the violence. A college campus is not a city, it is a learning environment. It is completely wrong to allow violence to exist because the learning environment is destroyed.

I don't see that campus police need to become storm troops.

THE COST of attempting to bring a very controversial voice to the Berkley Campus is more than money, while the money is significant, it is about the safety of real, breathing people. Berkley isn't interested in having a "Kent State Monument" on it's campus.

Ann Coulter sought to inflame the issue rather than reduce the tensions and actions of her loyalists. The violence served her purpose to defame the university leadership as if they were silencing her message.

You've got to be joking. Ann Coulter has been silenced? I don't think so. 

Her speaking engagement was cancelled because of the inflammatory stance she took and the university could no longer GUARANTEE her safety. Ann Coulter is responsible for her own silencing at Berkley. She should apologize to the students that invited her and refund every penny of her fee. She destroyed the essence of Berkley for her own political propaganda aggrandizement and profits to her career.