Friday, April 28, 2017

China launched it's first domestically produced aircraft carrier. But, really, China?

April 28, 2017

China's Defence Ministry (click here) has apologised for allowing a badly photoshopped picture of navy ships and fighter jets to appear on its social media accounts over the weekend.
The dodgy image, which appeared on the ministry's accounts on social networking sites Weibo and Wechat, was meant to mark the navy's 68th birthday.
It included fighter jets soaring over the country's first aircraft carrier, with two other warships steaming along in the background, above two ghostly submarines....

$597 billion USD is the USA budget.

The Chinese military budget (click here) is second in the world. However, it cannot be directly related to the USA budget. China is a communist country and it's "Cost in Production" is very different than the USA. If the USA is spending $1000 on a hammer, the Chinese simply make another one for nearly nothing. The entire Chinese infrastructure and it's internal costs are handled far differently than the capitalism it practices with the world. 

China should stop worrying about over stating it's power, the fact of the matter is it is a respectable force.