Friday, March 03, 2017

This is the level of intolerance in USA society today, "...a man sitting there in a zipped-up red jacket, his hands in his pockets, just sitting there..."

He was just sitting there. Does anyone have an idea of how cold air conditioned offices and classrooms can get?

He was just sitting there and there is an ongoing investigation. OF WHAT!

Rajan Juniku was in an appropriate place outside on a campus where he worked. He was just sitting there ready for some fool to actually think a man in a jacket sitting outside is a terrorist or some kind of sex pervert. Amazing. 

He was just sitting there. I suppose Donaldson and his "Pole-lease" don't have a darn thing to do but investigate NOTHING that happened while a man was sitting outside in a red jacket where he works for a living. Amazing.

This is where we are in the USA. "...He was just sitting there...." Amazing.

It is racism. PLAIN AS THE NOSE ON Mr. Juniku's face. It is spelled R-A-C-I-S-M. Yes, racism. There is no doubt. This is racism and profiling. "See something, say something," even if "...He is just sitting there...."

We have too many "Pole-lease" in the United States of America. TOO MANY "POLE-LEASE!"

March 2, 2017
By Cammie Bellamy

Wilmington -- The University of North Carolina Wilmington (click here) on Thursday released audio of calls to campus police that resulted in a lecturer being searched and claiming he was racially profiled.

UNCW chemistry lecturer Rajan Juniku was searched by campus police Tuesday after a university employee reported a suspicious person on campus. Juniku, whose wife Alicia Juniku said was sick with the flu, was sitting outside Cameron Hall in a jacket at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. In the redacted and voice-modulated call released by UNCW, a caller told a police dispatcher he was concerned by the man's behavior.

"There's a bench there and a man sitting there in a zipped-up red jacket, his hands in his pockets, just sitting there," the caller says. "Now he’s taking a drink from a water bottle. But I just think it’s odd that it’s almost 80 degrees and he's sitting there zipped up in a jacket with his hands in his pockets, watching people walk by. And I don’t know if he’s a 10-60 subject (suspicious person) or just someone who wants to warm up."

The dispatcher asked the caller to describe the man's race: "Can you tell if he’s black, white, Hispanic?"

"Um, from here he almost looks like, Indian maybe," the caller responded.

"Like, Middle Eastern?"...

..."It's just completely erroneous and misplaced. In this case the officer reacted quickly and based on information from dispatch," he said. "The officer really acted professionally, he was courteous, he acted consistent with his training and he remained on task with the mission of public safety."...