Friday, March 03, 2017

Sympathies to family and friends. His impact to the movie industry will be felt. He was remarkably talented.

March 2, 2017
By Radar Staff

...But Jon Otten, (click here) who is married to Paxton’s sister, Ann, told Radar that the tragedy came as a total shock to family members.
“We didn’t even know he was going to go into surgery,” Otten told Radar. “It’s very tragic and sudden.”
Otten said Paxton was close with family members, which only makes the loss that much more heartbreaking.
“I’m sure his wife knew, but no one in the extended family knew,” Otten claimed.
Just weeks before his death, Paxton revealed that he had suffered valve damage from a case of rheumatic fever as a child. But Otten says it’s not yet clear what caused the stroke.
“We don’t know his condition and how easy it was to fix,” Otten said. “He was healthy from what we knew.”....