Friday, March 03, 2017

I think the Russian businesses were just an enticement to cooperation and it worked. Trump rolled over.

March 3, 2017
By Phillip Bump

In the most abstract sense, (click here) there is nothing noteworthy about a government official meeting with an ambassador from a foreign country. When such an interaction becomes important is when that official is an ally of a presidential campaign that’s got a complex set of possibly inappropriate relationships with other representatives of that ambassador’s country — and when that official while under oath says he did not have communications with representatives of that country.

What we’re going to endeavor to do here is to parse out that complex set of relationships, using the information we have at hand....

Donald Trump has been playing ball with Russia for awhile now. The "Slate" article spelling out the cross Atlantic communication line is at least the known beginning of this. Trump enterprises was involved with communications with Russia when it was illegal according to sanctions drafted in regard to the broken treaty regarding Ukraine.

People don't realize how serious the broken treaty is. The USA and Germany, as a diplomatic country within Europe, could have gone to war with Russia. By invoking sanctions Putin was emboldened to do more mischief and used Russian businesses for the "carrot and stick" to the Republican Elephant. It is those business relationships that Tillerson and Trump are still holding onto as an important part of USA relations with Russia.

Trump was stating NATO wasn't important.

As of today Sweden is experiencing increased pressure with the USA causing confusion over Russia. Sweden has returned to conscription to their country. They have used that before, but, was feeling very safe and strongly allied until Trump took office. All this is not playing well in Europe.