Friday, March 31, 2017

Pence is afraid of his own lack of identity to dine privately with a woman.

Subliminal message, "Women can't be trusted with fidelity. It is not my fault."
"Uga! Uga!" One word, right? Exclamatory sentences, correct? I don't speak Caveman, so I am assuming there is an exclamation point after each guttural sound.

Maybe three "Uga!" are better. "Uga! Uga! Uga!." Better? Right?

March 31, 2017
By Jessica Valenti

I have to hand it to conservatives: (click here) it’s 2017, and somehow they have Americans debating whether it’s appropriate to dine alone with a woman.
You see, this week a Washington Post article about Karen Pence revealed that the vice-president will not eat a meal with a woman other than his wife. Those on the right are commending Pence’s marital devotion and moral fortitude, claiming that such a rule is a smart defense against sexual temptation.
One conservative blogger questioned where there was ever a good reason for a married person to eat out alone with a member of the opposite sex; the former CEO of the blog RedState chimed in to answer: “Planning your spouse’s surprise party or funeral and that is it.”...