Friday, March 31, 2017

No immunity for Flynn. Facts will come forward in trial IF he is defensiable at all.

March 31, 2017
By Chad Day, Eileen Sullivan and Julie Pace

Washington - Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (click here)is in discussions with the House and Senate intelligence committees on receiving immunity from "unfair prosecution" in exchange for agreeing to be questioned as part of ongoing probes into possible contacts between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia, his attorney says.

"General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit," attorney Robert Kelner said Thursday.

Kelner said no "reasonable person" with legal counsel would answer questions without assurances that he would not be prosecuted, given calls from some members of Congress that the retired lieutenant general should face criminal charges....

Very little of the trial will be public due to his positions of power in the government. In that lies an opportunity for THE TRUTH in closed sessions. Either he is guilty or not. Let him prove his innocence with THE TRUTH. There is no reason to offer him a deal.

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