Friday, March 31, 2017

How is peaceful genocide carried out?

Seriously, now. The White Supremacists want to carry out peaceful genocide.

How does that happen?

Yes, I think this is a serious issue.

Cultural Degradation and lack of enforcement of principles that uphold it.

"Cultural Degradation and Minority Student Adaptations: (click here) The School Experience and Minority Adjustment Contingencies." George W. Noblit and Collins, Thomas W.


Vol. 44, Particularities: Collected Essays on Ethnography and Education (1999), pp. 127-141

As a collective, the people of the USA are being taught that celebrations 'away from work' causes a loss in economic viability as a country. That is a lie. Such celebrations make us stronger in all aspects. Celebrations bring about an economy that upholds the integrity of the morality of a society. Should we do away with the 4th of July and replace it with April 30th?

The point is the USA has built a society that values freedom, social order and humanity. We strive to do better than the generation before facilitated by that very generation of parents. That is a phenomena we should all cherish, yet in the year 2017 the poison that pervades our society is removing the government previous generations have nurtured. We are, or already have, losing our culture. That degraded culture is being replaced by the "Culture of the Homeless."

Does the Republican Party have a culture? What is it?

Rudeness, bullying, power misdirected, but, also there is the social culture of such values as Paleo/Carnivore/Caveman. The dietary staple of the homeless is eggs and beef. Carbs as available. I don't care where one looks, the soup kitchens serve the caveman diet to the homeless. 

Do the homeless have a culture? You betcha.

Women are fought over in the USA in the streets as a symbol of masculinity. That is the culture of the chronically homeless. Cavemen and their women euphemistically dragged by the hair. No joke.

How do you get the disenfranchised to vote?

You relate their culture back to them in a way that provides hope. 

"The Art of the Deal" can take up to ten years to achieve and that is why the Trump voter is satisfied with the ? progress ? 

Ten years? In government that is a flash of light.

...He began his work in 1966 in Boston, (click here) after visiting the Columbia Point Health Center -- a successful clinic bringing health care to low-income residents of the community. Kennedy came away impressed with the clinic's ability to provide treatment to low-income populations. He was aware of a similar clinic in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, and saw in the two clinics a model that could be replicated across the nation to provide more health care to people who needed it. He introduced an amendment to the Economic Opportunity Act that set aside $51 million to establish another 30 centers around the country. Today, as a direct result of Senator Kennedy's vision as a 34-year-old, first-term senator, 20 million low-income Americans receive access to quality primary care at 1,200 community health centers across all 50 states and U.S. territories...

The Art of the Deal holds no magic act. It provides nothing in the way of a policy or platform. It is about power and how to PERSISTENTLY press an agenda. That is definitely a form of art. A deal? Negotiations are always ongoing and in government are hardly a deal. Policy invokes any COMPROMISE.

Do I think Donald Trump has something unique to add to the USA's proud history of diversity, humanity and justice? Absolutely not. The longer his administration continues, the more and more it is evident it has an agenda that degrades the American culture and belongs nowhere in governance.

Keep feeding the homeless and generating false hope and the elections may work out for Republicans for awhile considering the term of a president is eight years and Trump's dealing can take ten.