Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Defeat attackers by ending the deaths.

March 22, 2017
By Katrin Benhold and Stephen Castle

Tobias Ellwood, (click here) a minister in the Foreign Office, tried to save the life of the stabbed police officer by giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but the officer died.

Attackers act out violence against society because it accomplishes deaths. These injections should be available to the public as well as emergency personnel. Gun shots kill because of blood loss. CPR does not work when there is massive blood loss.

The average response time of emergency medical services are not instantaneous and fluid loss is vital to stop. If severe bleeding is occurring it has to be stopped first by tourniquet or such a device as this. The people know CPR and they know how to use AEDs, at least some of them do, but, on one focuses attention on fluid loss. CPR and AEDs will fail if there is severe blood loss.