Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Therefore, what?

March 22, 2017

..."My wife told me I'm supposed to do this." (click here)
In the wide-ranging interview, Mr Tillerson said he had been due to retire this month after spending more than 40 years at oil giant Exxon Mobil. He turns 65
on Thursday.

"I was going to go to the ranch to be with my grandkids," he added in the interview, as he returned to the US from Beijing....

Below is the sea surface temperatures of 1998. June 6, 1998 to be exact. So many media folks look to the red color to determine talking points. Le Nino, La Nina and all that mess.

Below is the sea surface temperatures from 2017. Kindly look not so much the red color, but, the blue and purple colors. In the southern hemisphere where there is an ice continent, Antarctica, differences of both images are discernible. Now mind you this is not one hundred years, not a millennium, but, simply 19 years, nearly two decades.

To the lower right in both images is the "Peninsula." The Antarctic Peninsula has lost considerable ice during that period of time. The loss of the Larsen Icesheets have been alarming during that period of time. The reason for the loss of those ice sheets is obvious to me. The WATERS of the circumpolar circulation caused the loss of the ice sheets. The waters in 19 years obviously have gotten warmer.

Warmer circumpolar water. The entire circumpolar is freezing. Make no doubt the waters are freezing, especially in an Austral winter. YET, in 19 years the waters have warmed enough to cause destruction of significant and important icesheets. That is serious. Very serious.

I want to look to the Arctic Ocean. The North Pole. Antarctica is the South Pole.

The frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean is descending to lower latitudes. Why? The ice of the ice ocean is melting and being carried further south. The ice of the Arctic Ocean is KNOWN to be melting. MELTING means there is a release of temperature. The Arctic Ocean is warmer today despite it being at the top of the world. The air water interface between the ICE CAPS and the tropospheric gases are resulting in far warmer waters. A warmer Pacific and a warmer Atlantic also contribute to the warmer circumpolar waters, however, the air is just as instrumental in melting the ice thermostat of Earth.

As a Secretary of State I fully expect, not his wife, but himself to bring about an end to the anthropogenic warming of Earth, "OUR COMMON HOME."