Wednesday, March 22, 2017

There is a charasmatic movement around the globe to empower radicals. It is dangerous and citizens need the tools to save their own lives.

To the left is a splint to hold a leg still while transporting to care. The point is bandanas are invaluable in FIRST AID (click here - this distributor sells them for 80 cents. I don't know the strength of the cloth - gender was not a consideration).

In the picture to the left is a good method of SECURING A TOURNIQUET. Once the bleeding is stopped the tourniquet has to be secured. The picture illustrates a way of securing a tourniquet TO SAVE A LIFE and stop the loss of fluid. 

One of the things noted in "First Aid Courses" (click here) is that tourniquets need to be opened to allow some circulation DEPENDING on the wound. It allows oxygenated blood to flow to the NORMAL TISSUES.

Tobias Ellwood, center, a Conservative member of Parliament and Foreign Office minister, helped an emergency services team attend to an injured person,

...One precursor to the tourniquet (click here) was the use of tight bandages placed proximal to the point of surgical amputation. Most commercially manufactured tourniquets are designed for quick application, usually within 60 seconds. A tourniquet replaces the need for direct pressure, additional bandages or a second care provider during transport....

AED's look differently depending on the manufacture. Like candy bars. Marathon Energy Bar (click here)  look different than a Hersey's Shareables (click here). No different with AEDs. They work the same but they look different depending on the manufacturer. The buttons that have to be pushed by laypersons should be standardized by manufacturers, but, that would require legislation and the current DC administration and congress haven't got a clue. Besides there are these invisible political rules that dictate no interference in private industry. Not that standardization would save lives or anything, right?

There are large vessels in all extremities (legs and arms), the neck and groin. Pressure on the neck and groin is needed to stop bleeding to facilitate a rescue. That pressure has to be significant enough to stop the bleeding.

It all depends on where the wound is and how much fluid is leaking out because of a hole in the body's "integrity." A fully intact body has 100 percent integrity. Burns and wounds changes that integrity. Wounds' leaking of fluid should be stopped as close to the wound as possible.

Civilized citizens of any country will recognize their need to be SMART about violence and/or tragedy in day to day life. 

Learning online or through a book is the beginning. Hands on application of SKILLS are best if time and money is available to citizens. Basic First Aid used to be taught in health classes in school. It is a good idea to bring that back. AEDs for high school students is now part of everyday life. They should be familiar with such devices. Younger people in primary school understands very well the human body is not perfect and can be injured when they fall or bump themselves in play. They will understand CARE can be applied SO THEY FEEL BETTER and THOSE AROUND THEM.

Civilized people are not stupid. They can learn laypersons' knowledge to save their life and the life of others.