Wednesday, February 08, 2017

More racism, more human rights violations, more falling oil prices

More cronyism. Just stop to think about the land use violations behind more hubris by Trump. This isn't about oil or prices; it is about the blatant disregard for American Indian culture, values and right to clean water.

The article states the pipeline is valued at $3.8 billion, but, never once is there a mention of priceless sacred land, priceless peace of mind and the clean water that accompanies it.

That is what is so wrong about this action by the Executive Branch. It is about the loss of land with many coveted meanings other than Wall Street money. Intangible treasures such as clean water and precious land aren't valued anymore. 

This is a new legal document that reflects the disregard of the value of the land and water. There isn't a legal instrument to stop it?

February 8, 2017
By Valerie Volcovici and Earnest Scheyder

Washington/Houston (Reuters) - The U.S. Army (click here) will grant the final permit for the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline after an order from President Donald Trump to expedite the project despite opposition from Native American tribes and climate activists.

In a court filing on Tuesday, the Army said that it would allow the final section of the line to tunnel under North Dakota's Lake Oahe, part of the Missouri River system. This could enable the $3.8 billion pipeline to begin operation as soon as June.

Energy Transfer Partners <ETP.N> is building the 1,170-mile (1,885 km) line to help move crude from the shale oilfields of North Dakota to Illinois en route to the Gulf of Mexico, where many U.S. refineries are located....

This is permanent health damage. It is shortened longevity. It is wrong!

January 25, 2017
By Erin Brodwin

An in-depth report in 2010 (click here) from Worcester Polytechnic Institute that looked at the effects of three major oil spills found increased incidences of cancer and digestive problems in people who had ingested the oil directly (in drinking water) or indirectly (through eating the meat of livestock exposed to the oil).
In addition, people who had used contaminated water for bathing or laundry appeared to experience more skin problems, ranging from mild rashes to severe and lasting eczema and malignant skin cancers....
"The final report" (click here)

This is not making America great again.