Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Her voice will not be silenced. The greatest Senator of our time.

The Ultra White is in power. They are the American Plutocrats. It is now known. They demand the silence of the minority.

The Ultra White was able to be covert, but, no more. It is obvious and their hatred of our country, our diversity and their thirst for power should be the concern of all.

February 8, 2017
By Mark Katrov

The words were those of Coretta Scott King, (click here) widow of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

But they resulted in a rarely-invoked Senate rule being used to formally silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

On the Senate floor yesterday Warren was reading from a letter Scott King wrote in 1986 objecting to President Ronald Reagan's ultimately unsuccessful nomination of then-U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions to a federal district court seat.

King wrote that Sessions used "the awesome power of his office to chill the pre-exercise of the vote by black citizens."

Now-Sen. Sessions, R-Ala., is President Trump's nominee for U.S. attorney general. Warren was speaking in the debate leading up to Sessions' likely confirmation Wednesday....

There are three African American billionaires and none were tapped for service to the USA.
American, Basketball
Basketball’s greatest player is the majority shareholder of Charlotte Bobcats and enjoys lucrative deals with the likes of Gatorade, Hanes and Upper Deck. His biggest pile comes from Brand Jordan, a $1 billion (sales) sportswear partnership with Nike.
Ms. Oprah Winfrey or Mr. Michael Jordon would have equally qualified, if not more so, and excellent Secretaries of Education. They are just not Trump cronies.
Oprah Winfrey, $3.1 billion
American, Television
Oprah, once the queen of daytime TV, is still the richest African-American person in the world. Her once struggling cable channel, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) is now cash flow positive and is enjoying soaring ratings on the back of a series of successful sitcom and drama collaborations with director Tyler Perry. She also owns a 10% stake in Weight Watchers.
I am quite certain Mr. Robert Smith is equally, if not more qualified, as any Goldman Sachs hire.
Robert Smith, $2.5 billion
American, Private Equity
Smith is the founder of Vista Equity Partners, a private equity shop that has an impressive portfolio of leading enterprise software companies such as Websense, Applied Systems and Mediaocean.

Mr. Trump likes to line the halls of the White House with billionaires, just so long as they are Ultra White.