Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Australia has been experiencing a horrible oppressing heat.

There have been blackouts in Australian cities. After the first blackouts the utilities started a rolling black out plan. 

February 9, 2017

Following Sydney's soaking (click here) on Tuesday the summer sunshine will return at the weekend with some regions predicted to reach an unseasonably hot mid-40s (equivalent 104 F).
Residents of Sydney, Australia, are preparing for another heatwave with temperatures forecast to sizzle into the 40s over the next few days.
The mercury is expected to reach 34C (equivalent 93.2 F) on Thursday, but climb to at least 40C on Friday and across the weekend.
Parts of NSW will endure temperatures of 45 degrees (equivalent 113 F) or hotter on Saturday, elevating temperatures and fire risks across much of the nation's south east, the Bureau of Meteorology said....

...Even if Sydney misses out, the scale and longevity of the abnormal heat is likely to break heat records either for February, or for any month.

Three NSW towns are also in the running to beat the current record of 50 days above 35 degrees: Walgett, Moree and Mungindi, Martin said.

The largest area of scorching conditions during the current heatwave may come on Saturday....

The heating is unrelenting. This is the third year in a row with increasing temperatures. This is a steady escalation in heat and it won't be changing. Chicago has reported this year it's lowest snow fall in its recorded history. The ice in the Arctic Circle is all "first year ice" and is showing evidence of instability.