Sunday, January 08, 2017

The problem with conservative as it always has been is it's willingness to see life in little contrast.

Conservatism has brought 3 strikes and in laws, mandatory sentencing and most of all a minority with higher incarceration rates than any other in the world. 

January 8, 2016
By Matt Appuzo

Mr. Sessions said that police officers (click here) faced unfair criticism for their use of force. He believes that legal action by the Justice Department has discouraged officers from doing their jobs....

The conservatism of 2001 removed compassion from legislative measures. It is not about people anymore, it is about crony politics and Wall Street. The conservatism of the 21st Century is ineffective and regressive.

The Democrats rebuilt the USA after 2008 and now the Republicans are going to remove regulations and send the economy into a negative spiral with mounting national debt because of increased deficits. 

The only way of stabilizing the USA is to demand freedom of local governance and protection of local economies. Right wing extremism in the Attorney General's office won't accomplish that.

It would not surprise me if the USA is brought up on human rights violations.