Sunday, January 08, 2017

The future is already here.

The entire idea the Republican Party could eliminate and destroy environmental protections as some kind of opportunity for the growth of business is pure unadulterated nonsense. 

The EPA is vital to the quality of life of the American people. There is no removing the EPA. I can understand how the petroleum industry is frustrated with the entire FUTURE movement within the USA; they are no longer wanted in the American landscape. Do you know ethanol is less expensive than regular unleaded in the Midwest? Where are all the "Flex Fuel" vehicles?

E85 is $1.80 per gallon (click here)

E15 is $2.17 per gallon

E10 is $2.27 per gallon

No ethanol is $2.64 a gallon of 87 octane (regular unleaded)

There is no reason to have the President of Exxon Mobile as a Secretary of State. There is no need for any heavy polluting industry, including and especially greenhouse gases, to be given a leg up to plow through some kind of idea that they are still needed. They aren't. 

The USA is coming of age. All the gamesmanship of political hacks, including Donald Trump, is laughable. The USA has accepted the challenge of the future and is getting the job done. It is time for the "The Very Old Guard" to fade into the sunset and soon.

Many leaders over the years, including President Obama, have stated there is an economy in the ways of the future, including green chemistry. It is the truth and leaders from every walk of life, except politics, have accepted that.

It is time to ride into the sunset. Bye, bye. Everyone say bye, bye to the old order. Bye. Bye, bye.