Sunday, January 08, 2017

So, what is "Green Chemistry?" What are the products. "Make this real, right?"

Making "Green Chemistry" real is less about the very product on the shelf for consumers, but, the practice of manufacturing that provides an environmentally cleaner, higher morality and future centric industry. The best news is it works.
There are many interpretations of green manufacturing (click here) and all convey similar meaning. According to Melnyk and Smith, it is a system that integrates product and process design issues with issues of manufacturing, planning and control in such a manner as to identify, quantify, assess, and manage the flow of environmental waste with the goal of reducing and ultimately minimizing environmental impact while also trying to maximize resource efficiency.
Green Manufacturing is also known by plethora of different names: Clean Gmanufacturing, environmentally conscious manufacturing, environmentally benign manufacturing, environmentally responsible manufacturing and Sustainable manufacturing. Irrespective of the various acronyms, the primary goal remains the same - designing and delivering products that minimize negative effects on the environment through their production, use, and disposal....