Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Palestine has it's challenge to the Hague.

It has been a progression over decades and the only people surviving the aggressive agenda for land are the Palestinians of Gaza.

What is to understand? Israel was carved out of WWII to preserve the lives of Hebrews/Israelis that were used as scapegoats to Hitler. They experienced and exploited culture and their religion was a focus of fear in that being Jewish was as much genetic as religious.

Now, decades later Palestine is nearly gone and the world actually has to ask questions to the cruelty and aggression of Israel's ambitions? There are no more questions to ask. The Palestinians are being genocide of their culture, land and their genetic right to exist.

January 24, 2017
By Isabel Kershner

Just over a week (click here) after a gathering of world leaders warned that Israel must stop expanding its settlements in Palestinian-claimed territory, the announcement made clear that the Israeli government is feeling emboldened to shake off the constraints imposed by the Obama administration and more willing to disregard international condemnation....

I don't care how accurate the maps are regarding the land loss of Palestine. They have a right to exist and Israel is destroying everything they love, including infamous olive groves.

To believe in Israel was the right and moral place, but, now Israel has no compassion for others that have a right to a Homeland. Their leaders were at one time men of honor and today they have become ruthless to simply hang on to power. Hang on to power? Why? Israel isn't going to disappear.

Palestine has to build their case based in aggression against their people from the beginning of time. War is not an excuse for grabbing land. War occurs because of the defense of people in their Homeland, not to advance national borders.

Palestine needs to name names as well. There were the occasional great peace agreements. But, there were leaders that talked the talk without walking the walk. Israel has not been contained by realistic military agreements. The aggression of Israel was facilitated. It is time to state how, why and who.

There can be no sovereignty without land.

source: tradingeconomics.com