Monday, December 26, 2016

The great myth of the USA military is that it operates with cutting edge technology. 


The F-35 is a piece of junk. The Osprey is a piece of junk. 

The generals always say we go on what we have. That is mostly true.

In Iraq, the underbelly of Wall Street came into view. Humvees without adequate armor. Soldiers with no armor at all. Their families purchased body armor on line so their sons and daughters had half a chance. The new encounters of IEDs and RPGs the USA military was completely unprepared to defend from. Cities that were only protected by six or more layers of blast walls.

There were field Commanders that answered to the Commander and Chief while the Joint Chiefs were mute to the status of the armed conflict with Iraqis called insurgents.

We had attempts, no different than Saddam, on Shi'ite holymen and their mosques defeated by unarmed women and elderly men marching in the streets on a holy path to their Mosque.

The USA military has many strong points, but, what lacks is profound morality in battle and generals that accept what they are given. That is not a military, that is Pandora's Box.