Monday, December 26, 2016

Every President has always said the soldiers would know their enemy in battle. That was never more a lie than the Middle East.

There is no way of knowing the enemy in Syria. The rebels are groups of people with different religious affiliations and allies. There is no way to know who the enemy is in Syria. 

Perhaps the only people who can tell the killers from allies are the Kurdish Peshmerga, but, according to Turkey they are enemies as well. To ask the Peshmerga to lead fights in Syria, given the Assad regime, would be asking them to commit suicide.

The USA does not belong in battle in the Middle East, every war in that region of the world is a civil war.

The lengthy battles in Afghanistan are civil wars with the Taliban. The Taliban are militias and not an ethnicity. The USA military does not belong in Afghanistan anymore. The al Qaeda of 911 are either dead, teaching in Pakistan's military institute or hiding in the tribal region. Nation building doesn't work. There is no mission in Afghanistan. It is promoted by the military itself to maintain a foothold for no reason except to have a foothold.

There are no more wars for the USA to fight. It needs to defend it's allies at a time when a global charasmatic movement could at the very least disrupt them and cause civilian deaths.

The global charasmatic war came as close to the USA as Canada when the entire Parliament was in session and a lone gunman attempted an attack to kill them all. The USA has much to do to protect it's allies and it is time to end the hideous USA presence via drone and send the troops home.