Monday, December 12, 2016

Trump is going to get everyone killed.

He is forcing everyone's hand. No one believes Taiwan will survive a war with China. Unless Mr. Trump wants to bring the entire population of Taiwan to the USA before he confronts China militarily, then he needs to shut up.

It is one thing to be a strong man, such as Putin, it is something quite different to be reckless as Trump is proving to be.

Taiwan has been the focus of Chinese aggression before. I want to say it was during the "W" years, China fired missiles off the north and south coast of Taiwan. After that there was less nonsense and more realization by Bush and Cheney that China is dead serious about a "One China Policy." In all honesty, Taiwan has been a customer to the USA, including military hardware. It is my guess with Trump being a mad dog all the time and unable to shut his trap China will move to end the "One China Policy" of the USA and incorporate Taiwan into it's borders. China is already expanding it's borders into the Pacific and Taiwan will eventually be within the Chinese borders as well.

Donald Trump and his mad dog attitude; I should say junk yard dog attitude; will force the hand of any leader. I am quite sure even NATO is adjusting it's stance and reviewing strategies. Needless to say France won't be disarming from nuclear weapons anytime soon.

In this Sept. 25, 2016 (click here) file photo released by Xinhua News Agency, Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force Su-30 fighter, right, flies along with a H-6K bomber as they take part in a drill near the East China Sea. China patrolled the waters of a series of hotly contested islands on Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016, a day after staging a flyover of two strategically important waterways near Taiwan and Japan.

December 12, 2016
By Matthew M. Burke and Chiymoi Sumida

Tensions are mounting following (click here) reports that China flew long-range military aircraft near Taiwan and over disputed parts of the South China Sea at a time when President-elect Donald Trump has questioned a longstanding diplomatic agreement between Washington and Beijing.

The flights reportedly came shortly before and after Trump broke decades of U.S. practice earlier this month by accepting a phone call from Taiwan’s president, but before Trump questioned the “One China” policy that has heavily influenced relations between the U.S., Taiwan and China since the 1970s.

Although differing from China’s “One China principle,” the U.S. stance allows arms sales to Taiwan without recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign state.

China considers Taiwan a breakaway province that must eventually be reunified with the mainland....

Next time Donald Trump wants to exercise his oral personality, he should take it to China in the ring of the WWF.