Monday, December 12, 2016

President Obama needs to be more forthcoming with this report.

No one wants to 'out' CIA agents or administration, but, it is a difficult story to support because of the anonymous nature of the sources. It is the nature of the business of journalism; they rely on sources. They also have the right to contain sources and do not have to 'out' any source. It is the privilege of journalists to protect sources, so this entire anonymous issue is a bit silly. 

December 12, 2016
By Jennifer Steinhauer

Washington — Senator Mitch McConnell, (click here) Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, said on Monday that he supported congressional investigations of possible Russian cyberattacks to influence the American election, setting up a potential conflict with President-elect Donald J. Trump in the early days of his administration.

Mr. McConnell’s support for investigations is a major moment for the Republican-controlled Congress given that Mr. Trump has ridiculed and dismissed the findings of the American intelligence community that the Russians hacked the election.

The investigation, which will be driven by Senator Richard M. Burr, of North Carolina, the chairman of the intelligence committee, and by Senator John McCain, of Arizona, the chairman of the armed services committee, could last for months or more at the start of the new Trump administration. Many of the intelligence committee hearings will most likely be behind closed doors, but they will still generate wide interest....