Thursday, November 03, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders has built a coalition of candidates he promotes to change the face of the USA.

The election to change the face of the USA to a benevolent country for it's
people is still very much alive. Don't forget what Bernie started. He deserves 
loyalty and support to continue his good work.

Over the course of this election (click here) we’ve seen right-wing billionaires like
Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers funnel millions of dollars into races up 
and down the ballot.

Wealthy donors like Adelson and the Kochs are trying their best to buy these 
races for two reasons. First – they want lawmakers who feel beholden to their 
money to be at their beck and call. But more importantly, they’re afraid.

They’re afraid that if we win, it will show once and for all that their money is 
no match for our movement.

Four of our candidates are being attacked by big money in the final days of 
this campaign, and we need to help them now.

This is very important: today is realistically the last day your contributions 
can be put to use by congressional campaigns. If you have been thinking 
about donating to support candidates from our political revolution, you 
must do so today.

Help us show the billionaire class that this election is not for sale to the 
highest bidder. Please add a contribution now to split for Morgan Carroll, 
Pramila Jayapal, Tom Nelson and Rick Nolan.