Thursday, November 03, 2016

It is good to know the FBI is doing something productive.

November 3, 2016
By Camila Domonoske

Burned pews, musical instruments, Bibles and hymnals are part of the debris inside Hopewell M.B. Church in Greenville, Miss., shown Wednesday. The mayor is calling it a hate crime as arson investigators collect evidence at the black church, which was heavily damaged by fire and tagged with "Vote Trump" in silver spray paint.

The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation (click here) into the vandalizing and burning of a black church in Mississippi. "Vote Trump" had been spray-painted on a wall.
Local authorities are still searching for the person or people responsible for the fire, which they have identified as an arson.
"When firefighters arrived at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church Tuesday night, they found it in flames, and the 'Vote Trump' slogan written in silver spray paint on the outside wall of the church," Mark Rigsby of Mississippi Public Broadcasting reports.
"Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons calls this a hate crime — an attempt to frighten voters just days before the presidential election."....

This is not the USA. It is a segment of our society that does not value life. The USA has many faces of many nationalities and beliefs, this is pure unadulterated hatred. 

The FBI needs to find the arsonist and bring him to justice. Hatred on the streets of the USA is a very dangerous thing.

When Dylan Roof was found it was a woman of conscience that rose above her fears and gave information to the authorities. We can find the arsonist and end the acts of hate. The more arsonists are found and brought to justice the less likely a congregation has to feel the oppression of hate. It is a matter of quality of life. No one wants to hear their beloved church has been the OBJECT of hate. It can be demoralizing to a community. 

Rebuilding the church is part of the recovery of the community, but, acts of hate such as this lives on in the memory. It is far better to end such hate and promote a country centered on acceptance and appreciation of others different form ourselves.

Children worship, too.