Wednesday, November 02, 2016

President Bill Clinton is correct as always; "He (Donald Trump) is saying he hates the same people that you hate." That is exactly what he is saying. How does a presidential candidate build his right to my vote on the hate of people? There is no policy there. Yet.

Oh, cute.

The Republicans have traded the Bush Chinese Dynasty for the Trump Communist Dynasty. 

See, the Bush Dynasty is based in China from the days when H.W. was ambassador and the Cheney oil ties of the Middle East. The Bush/Cheney dynasties relied on Wall Street companies. The Donald Trump dynasty is reliant on communist companies that the USA do not have as allies. 

Iraq was an oil war for the USA because it served the interests of Halliburton and an angry son after Saddam Hussein. 

If I were Donald Trump and wanted to make money hand over fist without the USA finding it, I would play quietly under the radar. No one would expect to find a USA company of any kind trading with anti-democratic countries for several reasons; currency unpredictability, unstable class structure among the people and a lack of disposable income except for the ruling class.

ie: Ukraine and the ally of Russia, Victor Yanukovych. The rarity of a USA company willing to be a partner to a communist government can be attractive to the oligarchs trying to find their fortunes among democratic countries.

See, oligarchs such as those in Ukraine had their own militias that became evident during the recent revolution. Trading with democratic countries brings new money sources into their country and into their own militias. It takes money to arm a militia to insure their loyalty and provide funds that aren't normally found in communist countries. Business relationships such as that are frowned on for very real reasons, including, potential danger to the USA. 

The reason the Trump Organization would be interested in trading relationships with communist countries is that in a short period of time one can leverage power as the sole source of whatever they were engaged in. There is also the outrageous monetary exchange rates that vacillate everyday and provide invisible profits when the exchange rate favors a strong USA dollar. It would mean nothing to pay lots and lots of rubles if it means gaining an advantage of power.

Ukraine is an easy country to play in. At least half the country have wanted to engage in trade with The West/Europe. As a matter of fact that was one of the reasons there was a revolution in the first place.

The American people don't need another Bush-like war. Who knows where it would go? Interestingly, "W"'s ethics lawyer came out to state what was happening with the FBI and the election was way out of line. 

The man who spent two and half years (click here) as the ethics lawyer to President George W. Bush has filed a Hatch Act complaint against FBI Director James Comey.
Richard W. Painter wrote in a New York Times an op-ed:
The F.B.I.’s job is to investigate, not to influence the outcome of an election.

Such acts could also be prohibited under the Hatch Act, which bars the use of an official position to influence an election. That is why the F.B.I. presumably would keep those aspects of an investigation confidential until after the election. The usual penalty for a violation is termination of federal employment....

There is a real reason why Trump is far less trustworthy than any other candidate running for President. 

We don't need it. We are still rebuilding the USA and then there is the national debt which Trump would run up higher than "W".

Hillary Clinton has no conflict of interest or any reason to wage an illegal and immoral war.

The American people do not need the growing uncertainty of what the USA will look like under a Trump administration. Scary.

One other thing. If Comey spends his days chasing emails for political advantages, there is a real reason to worry about the security of the USA. Hillary Clinton is not a terrorist. We know that for a fact.