Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Comey needs to resign or better yet fire him. There is no discretion in the department anymore.

There are going to be tons of information regarding the Clintons, they have been in office all their lives. This is ridiculous. Comey has compromised the country's election process. This was no mistake. His leadership is a return to J. Edgar Hoover.

Everyone can read about Marc Rich, none of this is a surprise. This book (click here) was written in 2009. March Rich never came back to the USA.

Billionaire oil trader Marc Rich for the first time talks at length about his private life (including his expensive divorce from wife Denise); his invention of the spot oil market which made his fortune and changed the world economy; his lucrative and unpublicized dealings with Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran, Fidel Castro's Cuba, war-ravaged Angola, and apartheid South Africa; his quiet cooperation with the Israeli and U.S. governments (even after he was indicted for tax fraud by Rudy Guiliani) and near-comical attempts by U.S. officials to kidnap him illegally....

It is called treason. Comey is acting deliberately against the American people to insure a specific outcome in the country's elections. Lynch needs to remove him from office. Democrats in the House and Senate need to act to bring about what might be called a gag order. This is anarchy. That is exactly what this is.

As far as danger within the country of armed citizens, the President needs to be aware of declaring the country under Marshall law. Governors need to be prepared for any outbreak in violence in their states. It is what it is and there are many, many legislators that have warned the country about the potential for such acts by citizens over the years.

There are too many guns on the street. Those are not empty words. Comey is making the burgeoning violence worse. He is escalating the reason for such acts by citizens. He needs to be put on paid leave and investigated. Such actions could spur him to be more dangerous to the country than he already is, but, it is called jail. He can leak to the guards all he wants.

November 1, 2016
By Rosalind S. Helderman, Tom Hamburger and Sari Horowitz

The surprise tweet from a little-used FBI account (click here) came about 1 p.m. Tuesday, announcing that the agency had published on its website 129 pages of internal documents related to a years-old investigation into former president Bill Clinton’s pardon of a fugitive Democratic donor.
The seemingly random reminder of one of the darkest chapters of the Clinton presidency a week before the election drew an immediate rebuke from Hillary Clinton’s campaign — with its spokesman tweeting that the FBI’s move was “odd” and asking whether the agency planned to publish unflattering records about Republican candidate Donald Trump.
“Will FBI be posting docs on Trump’s housing discrimination in ’70s?” asked Brian Fallon....