Wednesday, November 02, 2016

NASA has released a very instructive time loop of the demise of the Arctic Ocean.

October 31, 2016

...“This older, thicker ice (click here) is like the bulwark of sea ice: a warm summer will melt all the young, thin ice away but it can’t completely get rid of the older ice: a warm summer will melt all the young , thin ace away but it can’t completely get rid of the older ice. But this older ice is becoming weaker because there is a less of it and the remaining old ice is more broken up and thinner, so that bulwark is not as good as it used to be.”...

Besides all the interesting facts within the NASA video, the video also teaches how Earth's ice is the planet's thermostat. When the ice flows out of the ocean into the north Atlantic the change in temperature to the Arctic Circle is profound and obvious. That cold water matters in cooling Earth. The loss of ice in the Arctic Ocean removes it's purpose and allows the lower latitudes to gradually become hotter and hotter each year that passes without the thermostat.

Intellicast High Temperature Forecast 
November 2, 2016
0430 UTC

This is November 2nd. Below is the map of the departure of temperatures from normal.

The Kansas City area is 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit higher than normal. That increase can be seen in some areas of Canada. Radiating from the Kansas City area as moving to the seashore the departure is five to twenty degrees Fahrenheit higher. Only when the offshore winds are at work do temperatures appear to be normal.

The higher temperatures of North American are directly related to the loss of ice in the Arctic Ocean. The less ice, especially the aged ice, the less coldness available to cool the oceans.