Sunday, June 12, 2016

Libya is not willing to tolerate anarchy.

At the time of the Gaddafi attacks, CNN was stating there were black al Qaeda flags hanging off the buildings in east Libya. If Gaddafi was providing safe haven for al Qaeda, at least the current government won't tolerate such men in the country. Evidently, Libya is moving forward with a stronger governance. That is good news.

The region is gaining stability if this is the governance. The Arab Spring is resulting in stable influences in most of north Africa. 

11 June 2016

Forces loyal to the unity government in Tripoli fought street battles with IS to take Sirte's port back.

Libyan forces (click here) say they have retaken control of the port in the city of Sirte, after fierce fighting with militants from so-called Islamic State.
Sirte is the most significant IS stronghold outside Iraq and Syria.
Air and missile strikes have hit IS positions this week, officials said. A spokesman said troops were moving closer to the city centre.
The forces, aligned to the UN-backed unity government in Tripoli, began the battle to retake the city last month.
A spokesman, Ahmed Hadia, told the BBC IS forces had weakened, but "not totally broken down".
He said the troops were encircling part of the city....