Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Victor Wainstein needs to return to his other clients.

May 25, 2016
By Monica Hesse

Ruth Ann Aron leaves the Montgomery County Courthouse in 1997 with then-attorneys Barry Helfand and Erik Bolog.

Feeling exiled and frustrated (click here) in her Florida condominium, Ruthann Aron decided she needed a makeover. Not of the cosmetic variety but of the cosmic - a public image redo, which would not be particularly easy nearly 20 years after the trial that put her in a Maryland prison for hiring a hit man to murder her rich urologist husband.
One step involved returning to Montgomery County, where all her troubles began and where she served on the county planning board and ran for the U.S. Senate. Another step involved hiring Victor.
Victor Wainstein, 41, is Ruthann's attorney. She hired him because, in addition to the usual qualities that one looks for - intelligence, creativity - he agreed to temporarily set aside other clients and work for her, arriving every morning at her rented townhouse and working on nothing but the rebranding of Ruthann, recasting her role in one of the most infamous cases in Montgomery County history....