Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This is interesting. The rebel forces in Syria are sensitive to ethnicities held captive by Daesh's " threat of death regime."

If only they could have a map of the city where the attack would be most successful and spare civilians living under oppression. The problem is that even when intelligence was gathered and USA elite units tried to free people held for ransom, they arrived too late and the political prisoners were moved. There had to be some kind of leak or the people are routinely rotated to prevent intelligence from being successful. Either way, the best plans to defeat Daesh are never completely compiled because of tactics unfamiliar to any rebel group or even the USA military. If the assault kills innocent people it is not the fault of those trying to end Daesh in Syria.

Turkey needs to maintain border strength to prevent Daesh from crossing into safe territory, HOWEVER, Turkey also needs to recognize Kurds that are supplying the largest number of armed rebels to defeat Daesh.

May 25, 2016

An American-backed alliance of Syrian militias (click here) launched an offensive against Isis (Islamic State) near their de facto capital of Raqqa city, according to a monitoring group and an official.
The Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance is the main Syrian partner for the alliance battling Isis that controls large areas of northern and eastern Syria. Its most powerful component is the Kurdish YPG militia.
Aided by US-led air strikes, the YPG has driven Isis from wide areas of northern Syria over the past year or more, though its advances have recently slowed.
There has been no indication of when a full assault on Raqqa city might take place. A Kurdish official contacted by Reuters declined to say whether it was a target of the latest offensive.
Syrian Kurdish groups have previously said an attack on the predominantly Arab city of Raqqa should be led by Arab militias. Syria experts say the SDF's Arab groups are not yet ready for such an attack, however....