Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Syrian people want peace.

The journalists bringing the facts forward are very brave, but, they need to stay out of danger to bring the facts before the world.

Deash has enough followers to act as suicide bombers to bring about deaths of innocent people. 

25 May 2016

...“Their goal is to destroy (click here) our national unity and drive a wedge between religious confessions,” one of the locals told RT. We do not pay attention to religious affiliation. Many of Tartus’ citizens have fallen as heroes in battles. From the very beginning of the crisis Tartus has been accepting refugees from all of the provinces.”

The head of the al-Bassel Hospital , Dr. Muhammad Habib Hussein, noted that as soon as explosions were heard, “all ambulances were dispatched to the scene and began transporting the wounded to the hospital.” Once in the hospital, Hussein noted, victims were divided into different categories according to the “nature and severity of injuries.”
Following the Tartus blasts, almost simultaneously, jihadists went on to detonate three car bombs in the city of Jableh. Two of the bombs went off at the main bus station, while the third was deployed near Electricity Directorate. A forth attack in the city was carried out by a suicide bomber at the entrance to Jableh National Hospital.
At least 100 people were killed in Jableh. The Islamist “Ahrar al-Cham” terror group claimed responsibility for the attacks in both cities....