Sunday, July 16, 2017

It's Sunday Night.

Poisoning by the USA government or any other government body in the USA is illegal. I don't understand how the Secretary of the EPA can justify removing the provisions in "Waters of the USA." (click here)

The EPA regulation by the Obama Administration took years of public comment, hearings and decision making before it was implemented. It is important law because it protects the American people.

In 2001, there was an attack within the USA followed by anthrax exposures. The two incidents put the American people into a controlled panic and everything came under scrutiny, including food and water. 
"Water Sector Specific Plan - An Annex to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan" (click here)

All of a sudden it is not important by the Secretary of the EPA and the US Army. I find that odd and concerning.

The reason this water regulation came under attack by the current EPA Secretary, "What's his name?," is because it is and EPA regulation. No other reason, simply because it is an EPA regulation. He doesn't care about the far reaching implications of the roll backs of this regulation. All the Secretary wants is a SIMPLE(ton) regulation requiring polluters to get a permit. That permit could be for everything from trash to radioactive waste. It doesn't matter. 

So, if the US EPA Secretary has his way, the waters of the USA will be polluted and dangerous. Go figure. Having the Army as a partner in crime doesn't impress me, except, to understand how decades of polluting military personnel living quarters and water in the USA, exposed electrical infrastructure in showers in Iraq and open pit fires of burning trash including items with radioactive contents. So, if the US Army is linking arms with the USA EPA Secretary it isn't improving it's image at all.

Greed first and the American people never. It is only business profiteering and government neglect of the people. This is the USA? This used to be the USA, but, we thought we had it licked through a lot of scientific investigation and public awareness. Today, this measure by the US Army and EPA Secretary is nothing but corruption because we all know better. 

They hate people. People come with responsibility that cuts into profits. They simply find people a necessary evil to profit. They hate people and without birth control, impoverishment, lack of education there will always be enough people to exploit. 

They say it is for jobs. OMG, what price is to pay for Trump Administration jobs?