Sunday, July 16, 2017

End the burgeoning destruction.

The infrastructure of the international community is deteriorating. The supports to end the warming are under attack by an age old strategy both from the petroleum industry, but, also the Republican Party.

How many remember the words, "Saddam needs to become a member of the Family of Nations."

The United States in the Family of Nations (click here)
Grayson Kirk
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
Vol. 100, No. 4 (Aug. 31, 1956), pp. 289-295
The "Family of Nations" is real. It is not an imagined entity. It was used for a long time by Republican presidents to induce cooperation with countries without war.
The basis for this strategy was seduction by capitalism into a philosophy that the USA had the corner on wealth and comfort. It did for awhile, but, so much of Wall Street has become detrimental to the American people in the year 2017. The USA economy is good today, but, it is because of the people.
The infrastructure for the exploitation of natural resources of other countries is already there. It is taking on a new character and removing all the stops to end the movement to a benign planet of people in harmony with Earth's natural state that nurtures life and does not destroy it.
Scientists need to include an anthropologist in their professional submissions and the harm that will occur to them should the climate continue to be hostile. The species involved including the people are also an issue. The infrastructure of economic entanglements can be benevolent if we take it there, including tourism and green economies that demand products harvested and produced to promote a benevolent troposphere and not a hot one.
I apologize for the terrible immorality of the Trump White House, but, they cannot achieve greed and destruction alone. The people, as demonstrated in India, can bring about a political will that changes the dynamics of exploitation.
I am very worried about places like the Philippines and Madagascar. These people are helpless to the military. The Hague has to act and bring the murderous regimes to an end.
The Trump White House has turned the international community on it's head. We have to stop them. 
I know this wasn't a part of Kyoto, but, it needed to be covered. 
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