Friday, August 11, 2017

H. R. McMasters, hm?

H. R. ? I like the name better, Herbert Raymond. It is a nice name. HR gets mixed up in the bureaucratic mind with Human Resources. Seriously. It is strange what some more simpler folks react to. I mean look at the way scientists seem like aliens to people like Bannon.

H.R. might be an 'image' issue. I like the name Herbert Raymond. And get for real, Bannon can't hold a candle, okay?

Bannon is dangerous. His friends are not good people. He is a racist and that is definitely reflected in demeanor and focus. There is no room for racism in national security. Some of General McMasters friends are of different nationalities, right? He has worked with some of the finest military men and women in our history. There is no comparison to Bannon.

General McMasters is a young man as well. He is only 55 years old and has eons of experience to his name.

PhD from UNC. A man after my own heart. He is the soldier's General. Thank you.

It was generous of him to continue his service to his country in the White House. He will be great. I wish him well and much success.