Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The future does not belong to Republicans.

The only reasonable way to remove people off of Medicaid roles is to provide the opportunity to remove themselves.

The same holds true with food stamps.

In 2015 the City of Seattle, Washington formed a committee of people across the spectrum of their population. The committee came up with a goal. The goal was to instill a living wage of $15.00 per hour.

As of January 2017 the new minimum wage in Seattle is $15.00 per hour, with a provision for small businesses of $13.50 per hour if the employer provides health care benefits. 

Today, the unemployment rate in Seattle, Washington is 3 percent. The USA is 4.4 percent. Larger employers that provide health care benefits have to pay the $15.00 per hour. 

The map above is from 2013. But, get this. And look at that face. Ashley Stewart is a staff writer and most probably is a twenty something, yes?

July 28, 2016
By Ashley Stewart

Bolstered by a growing technology industry, (click here) Washington’s gross domestic product growth outpaced the rest of the nation, according to a U.S. Department of Commerce report released Wednesday.

Washington’s GDP – an important measure of all the goods and services the state produces – grew 3.9 percent during the first quarter of 2016 to nearly $456 billion, up from $433 billion the same time last year. The rest of the nation’s GDP growth rate was 1.2 percent....

Seattle, Washington did what needed to be done. It embraced a diversified population, made life worth living by paying a minimum wage and gave a place to their young people. 

That is morality.

When the USA wants to reduce it's welfare rolls, food stamp allotment and it's Medicaid enrollment, the ONLY way that occurs is for the country to plot a way forward. 

The Republicans yuck it up to feel better about themselves while they are throwing over 30 million (10% of the country) Americans off health insurance. They cut budgets of everything Democrat regardless of the economic downturn that will cause and they turn their back on real economic accomplishment and instead rely on populous politics of cutting taxes to cronies, favoring Wall Street and socially pass judgement on women and minorities with hatred and division to maintain power.

Pretty, young Ashley is the face of tomorrow for America and Donald Trump is the past and completely "W"rong in trying to turn the USA into Russia.