Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How touching.

Heller and Trump yucking it up while millions of Americans lose health care. This is America?

I suppose the Congress, including Steve Scalice are going to be sacrificing along with all others in the country without health care.

July 19, 2017
By David Nakamura

Breaking: Congressional budget analysts (click here) estimated Wednesday that a Senate plan to repeal part of the Affordable Care Act with no immediate replacement would increase the number of people without health coverage by 17 million next year and 32 million at the end of a decade. The forecast by the Congressional Budget Office of the impact on coverage of the Senate GOP’s latest health-care legislation is nearly identical to estimates the CBO made in January based on a similar bill that passed both the House and Senate in late 2015 – and was vetoed by then-President Barack Obama.

The new report also said the legislation would decrease federal deficits by $473 billion over that 10-year window....

Typical Republicans, laughing all the way to the bank on the backs of the poor and middle class.

Like I said, there is no morality in the White House.