Monday, July 24, 2017

The Kushner family has come full circle. They have their own private manager to make Chinese investors happy.

July 24, 2017
By James Hohmann

...Party planner Lynne Patton, (click here) who helped plan Eric Trump’s wedding but had no professional experience in housing, was appointed last month to  head the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s office for the region that covers New York and New Jersey....

The Washington Post makes the point Trump doesn't place experienced and disciplined professionals into government positions. In this case Trump has placed an inexperienced person into a government office. That very government office oversees the region of the country where the Kushners have placed their families real estate interests and where they are bringing their Chinese investors banking on a HB5 Visa as their ultimate coup against communism.

That might seem really cool, to allow communists into the American democracy, but, the reason they are here is to pad the pockets of Trump's in-laws. 

There are conscious decisions being made to increase the Trump family wealth from within the Oval Office. That is more than unethical. Trump is using the power of the USA, its policies and treasury to increase his personal wealth. Just that simple.

The Trump White House is still denying Russia had anything to do to interfere with the 2016 elections. Well. If I were Trump I'd be denying it, too.

Trump is pushing health care reform or better said, destruction because it is the bright shiny object in the room, not because the American people believe his policies are better than the ones that existed before.

As the Washington Post said, "...This gets less attention than other story lines, but it has been a hallmark of the president’s first six months in power...." 

Go, figure.