Sunday, July 23, 2017

Scientists involved in heading off a deadly troposphere beyond what it already is have looked into every type of sequestration in the world. 

May 4, 2015
By Madeline Fisher

For the past 20 years, (click here) researchers have published soil organic carbon sequestration rates. Many of these findings have suggested that soil organic carbon (SOC) can be sequestered in soil, or stored long-term, simply by switching from conventional tillage to no-till systems....

These are all important aspects of knowledge required to maximize the reduction of greenhouse gases, but, think for a minute the idea of simply not producing anymore. The oceans are become acidic in places where shellfish are suppose to thrive.

Greenhouse gases are displacing nitrogen in the soil and to what end, reduced crop production? 

The idea in Kyoto Protocol encouraged these scientific investigations and left no stone unturned, but, the real answer to the increase in greenhouse gases is to not emit them in the first place.

The political sphere likes the idea of accountability by those elected to the countries seats of power, but, never once do those same people hold themselves accountable for deteriorating Earth into the worst possible status to support life since it's birth.