Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I am sure Russia is pleased to hear this. Germany is still a NATO member.

Some of this is Mr. Trump's personal ego. It gets in the way of his role as President all the time. He hates powerful women. We'll see if he does any better with the next German Chancellor. I apologize to Chancellor Merkel, Mr. Trump's behavior is not a reflection of many Americans who value Germany and NATO.

I think the skepticism is healthy and necessary. Germany should not compromise it's values. Criticism of the USA can only result in better relations with the fraying currently a trend among allies. Mr. Trump will become a voice for Russia and seek to weaken ties to traditional allies. It sounds like a strategy for corruption, personal and Wall Street wealth and one the United Nations should view in weariness.

July 5, 2017
By Andrew Buncombe

German leader Angela Merkel (click here) no longer considers the US a friend, according to her party’s campaign material produced ahead of a September election.

The German Chancellor has had an often tense relationship with President Donald Trump since he took office in January. Earlier this year, after Mr Trump said he would pull the US out of the Paris Accord and following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, she said European countries could no longer rely on their traditional allies.

According to Reuters, four years ago, their election material referred to the United States as Germany’s “most important friend” outside of Europe. The 2013 programme also described the friendship with Washington as a “cornerstone” of Germany’s international relations.

But the news agency said the words “friend” and “friendship” were missing from the latest election programme, entitled “For a Germany in which we live well and happily”. 

"Let the people know the truth and the country will be safe." Abraham Lincoln