Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"Deals" under Trump compromise quality of life and economic stability of allied countries.

Many Americans don't eat food from Wall Street sources. "GMO Free" or "Non-GMO" is the cry for Americans these days and organic markets and cooperatives are cropping up everywhere. This is a Wall Street issue because they can't sell these tainted foods to Americans the way they used to. Literally, Wall Street is dumping their garbage on other countries compliments of Trump.

There is nothing wrong with the British seeking only food from trusted sources. "Made in the USA" under Trump may not work out after all.

Some of the culprits might not be found on grocery shelves so much as the fast food lines. I'll put it this way, I've never seen a McDonald's with the sign on the menu "No GMO." 

July 25, 2017
By Rob Merrick

Theresa May (click here) is warned today that opening the door to low-quality food from the United States  after Brexit could spell disaster for both British farmers and animal protection.

Slashing food regulations in order to strike a quick trade deal with Washington would spark “a race to the bottom for welfare standards”, says a report by a House of Lords committee.

Such a deal could also “undermine the sustainability of the industry” – making UK farmers “uncompetitive” against cheap, imported food produced without the same rules on quality.

The stark warning comes after Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, mocked fears about the sale of chlorine-soaked chickens in Britain after Brexit – describing the prospect as “a detail”.

Speaking in Washington, Mr Fox confirmed a cabinet split, dismissing protests that US farmers use the chemical washes to make up for inadequate hygiene on farms and abattoirs.

Other concerns surround US practices such as the use of hormones in beef and the growth of genetically modified crops....

...In today’s report, the peers point out that “high farm animal welfare standards can be a selling point for UK producers” and enjoy universal support as a “public good”....

If these are the type of trade deal Trump is touting as a boom to American business, then it will never work. Americans don't put up with this. They'll eat British imports long before they will eat "pink slime."

"...If you go to Canada or other countries they have standards, right?... So they don't sanitize the beef...."