Thursday, June 08, 2017

Sounds like a cry for help to me.

The gender and political balance of the morning coffee table is grossly out of balance. This is an obvious oppression of women at the table, there have been many times when it was obvious but not addressed. All persons need to be heard without prejudice or bias.

There is dearly NEVER a discussion of vital environmental facts or policy laid on same table.

If there was a coffee named Mika the name of the show should be changed to "The Morning Joe and Mika Show."

Mika Brzezinski is a very important woman and it is really a shame MSNBC and NBC doesn't recognize that. She is invited and welcomed into government offices such as Speaker Pelosi and Senator Feinstein to mention only two. She not only is a woman that opens doors of other powerful women, she seeks to bring the American public, especially women, along. She persists in her focus of the American woman no matter where she is and what she does with her life. That is incredible and the corporation absolutely does not appreciate her.

08 June 2017
By Travis Getty

...The “Morning Joe” (click here) co-host argued that Trump’s actions throughout the Russia investigation suggested he was either covering up a crime or, most charitably, suffering from a mental illness.

“He’s not well, at the very least he’s not well, and he’s so narcissistic he does not believe the rules apply to him,” Brzezinski said. “That’s where the ignorance label may apply, because this is a man who says he can grab women anywhere because he’s famous.”

Host Joe Scarborough then tried to cut her off, and then talked over Brzezinski’s explanation with the other men on the panel.

“I think there’s an innuendo to perhaps the other sex, but everyone has their ideas about what he said,” Brzezinski said. “The point is, he thinks he can say or do things different from the norm because he’s famous, is a celebrity, has power. It’s going to come down to something. We don’t know if it’s obstruction of justice, we don’t know if it’s abuse of power. We don’t know if it’s utter stupidity, but he may not be able to be in that office.”...

...“Nothing I have said is crazy,” she said, and Scarborough told her they’d discuss her comments during the commercial break. “I was watching the show while I was gone (earlier this week) — you have all said what I said.”...