Thursday, June 08, 2017

Cornyn is unable to practice responsible behavior in the face of an OPPORTUNITY for inflammatory politics.

I am not going to allow Senator Coryn or Former Director Comey to have a mock trial of Former Attorney General Lynch and run a political game as if he and Comey are of higher moral authority. It is nonsense.

If I may?

Raising the topic of Former President Clinton and Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting on a tarmac is nothing short of a political priority in a public meeting. The reason for such a meeting has been established through press reports with interviews of Former Attorney Loretta Lynch. Certainly, the content of the visit reveals the lack of racism.

Former Loretta Lynch has made it eminently clear that she advised Former Director Comey about making inflammatory statements so close to an election. If she stated he was to use the word "matter" instead of "investigation" is more of the same directive.

The directive discussed with Former Director Comey by Former Attorney General Lynch is a long standing policy of the Department of Justice. They are not to introduce inflammatory language to effect the outcome of a national vote. 

The questions regarding the Clinton meeting and the actions of the Former Director of the FBI by US Senator Cornyn is EXACTLY the dirty politics that takes place within the Republican Parties behavior whenever the public is within ear shot. It is a clear demonstration of how the Republicans use the government for their particular brand of politics. Freedom of Speech is absolute, but, the fact such departure from THE COUNTRY'S BUSINESS occurs is a clear indication the cost of Republican politics is at the expense of every USA taxpayer. Such behavior is unethical.

It is notable that Former Director was so willing to along with such unethical behavior to exonerate himself.