Monday, June 05, 2017

In case the US Congress doesn't get it, Trump is not practicing US Foreign policy for the national defense, he is conducting business throughout the legislation and Cabinet. He is good for business, but, US Foreign policy is sacrificed. The USA national defense is compromised. When Trump's Congress and Cabinet are finished the USA and its allies will be hemmed in by Putin.

Just as a reminder, the USA petroleum industry was given freedom to export any US petroleum resources.

Trump is bailing out his company by proxy and welcoming any other Wall Street company to do the same. When sanctions were raised for Venezuela as a possible strategy, Goldman Sachs raced to exclusive business investment. After Goldman moved into Venezuela some opinion media began to back off sanctions and state the Venezulian government fall of its own problems.

See, Plutocrats are anarchists so long as they are safe on their ivory towers. We saw this under "W" with Halliburton and no bid contracts and avoidance of fines, etc. Egotistical CEOs think they can solve every world problem if given a chance. It has never worked, China is a prime example and the list is long, including, Nigeria, Equator, Bangladesh, India, etc. 

China finally has a business prowess that is producing a middle class after exploitation for so long. But, if Wall Street was the answer it would have been US policy a long time ago.

The Republicans are fools for there own rhetoric. Elections come first, then the country. McConnell will scream Democrats from morning to night and never address the country's foreign policy. It works to keep him in office, but, the condition of the people and the country are sacrificed. 

I want my country back, intact and protecting it's public lands and resources. No more petroleum exports.

Republicans are afraid to be off message.