Monday, May 08, 2017

Senator John Kennedy, in the Yates hearings, is dummying down the discussion. In other words, Ms. Yates made a decision the Presidential Order regarding the Muslim ban that the DOJ could not defend an unconstitutional order based in religious discrimination.

Senator John Kennedy pointed out Ms. Yates was not on the Supreme Court. 

If the DOJ was nothing more than a clerical office to the Supreme Court, the entire department could be replaced with clerks and secretaries.

Officials in the DOJ are paid well to discern the difference between orders capable of defending in litigation and those that are not. When a law or order is not substantial enough to defend then the DOJ refuses to carry out such defense. It is called being an expert and knowing the difference.

I really find the idiotic conduct toward Ms. Yates objectionable by Senator John Kennedy.

I might mention Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana appears to be wearing lip liner in that picture.