Monday, May 08, 2017

He is young. That is a good thing. He is bringing new ideas and a young agenda to his office.

For all the country's worries and problems, Mr. Macron is probably the best breath of fresh air France could have.

He is not void of government experience. Ms. Helen Lhuillier it by far the example to the idea the French have in a young leader. He attracts people of all ages and beliefs. That is a leader. Now, he needs to find solutions and the French people seem to be happy to contribute their support for his administration.

May 8, 2017
By Thierry Chiarello nad Sarah Whiet

Emmanuel Macron (click here) may have won Sunday's presidential election by a comfortable margin, but even his supporters' enthusiasm is tempered by the scale of the challenge that the inexperienced politician faces in tackling France's deep-seated economic, social and security problems.

Macron, a former economy minister who had never previously stood for elected office, beat far-right leader Marine Le Pen by 66 percent to 34 - a gap well above the 20 or so percentage points that surveys had predicted.

Helen Lhuillier, a 73-year-old French Canadian who has lived in France for 40 years and attended his supporters' victory rally outside the Louvre museum, said she liked Macron's "policies and his personality, his enthusiasm"...