Monday, May 01, 2017

"Morning Papers"

The Rooster 


What was the reason for the $15 minimum wage?

Quality of life? 

Yes, happy Americans do better in life. They have more time of their own to pursue education, marriage and more quality time with the family that go ON VACATION.

But, what was the reason for the $15.00 minimum wage economically?

Wall Street wants to know, right? Wall Street says it will cost jobs. 

A $15.00 minimum wage will NOT cause job cuts, UNLESS, the CEO is looking for a quick fix for his BONUS CHECK. Got that. Right?

Okay. Does a $15.00 minimum wage in ACTUALITY cause SHRINKAGE of the economy? 

No, the economy experiencing higher minimum wages will EXPAND. It takes the PROFIT MARGIN of any CEO to STOCKHOLDERS and put it all back into circulation in the local economy. Right? What does that mean in the long run? It means a more vibrant economy with low unemployment, happy people expanding their QUALITY OF LIFE and SPENDING MONEY on the aspects of life they could not reach before.

Does it help housing? You know the place where Americans pack away EQUITY for their asset balance for RETIREMENT.

The rule of thumb is that prices in houses go up with demand. 

March 28, 2017
By Mike Rosenberg

For the fifth straight month, (click here) Greater Seattle has registered the sharpest home-price increases of any major market in the country, as home costs soared at their fastest pace in three years.

The typical price of a home across King, Snohomish and Pierce counties rose 11.3 percent in January compared to a year prior, according to the monthly Case-Shiller home price index, released Tuesday....

Seattle is into the beginnings of the $15.00 minimum wage and the housing market is feeling the increased demand. My guess is two income families are ready to move out of those apartments and into their own homes where EDUCATION of the children can be garnered with participation in their local Board of Education.

Is being involved in local government where decision makers effect the education of children a QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUE? Yes, it is. Americans like to feel their tax dollars are working for them and local involvement is vital to that peace of mind.