Monday, April 17, 2017

Why are the Democrats and Republicans so different when it comes to the USA southern border?

What is troubling about the Trump administration to the Undocumented is the policy of hand washing. There is no responsibility within that Republican policy.

Mexico is our southern border. Canada is our northern border. The stark difference between the quality of life is more than remarkable. When one looks as to why that is the case, it leads to an understanding of a greater dynamic. Mexico also borders with South America and the northern border of Canada is where Polar Bears are protected.

But, the idea the USA can simply look the other way in regard to the profound poverty in Mexico is remiss. The Republican policy in regard to Mexico's emigrants is simply and best illustrated as washing their hands of responsibility.

The USA is the world's last superpower. It has ability to bring about a far more peaceful western hemisphere. The idea profound poverty exists in Mexico because the Mexican government is overwhelmed by drug cartels is a national security issue for the USA.

So, what do we do about that? Nothing? Or do we take on the posture that the Trump administration takes and puts barriers to our southern border IN HOPES it will stop the Mexican emigrants and their drug cartels?


Do we take on the challenge of changing the face of despair in Mexico, the Caribbean and South America? Are we brave enough to realize Americans can bring about a greater hope to leaders and end the fear of international criminals?

The best way to handle the Mexican emigrants/the Undocumented is to build a better Mexico. Build a better Western hemisphere. Build alliances with governments in our own hemisphere to instill profound peace and not simply enforced peace by rules and dictators and hideous ideas of deportation of people who have lived decades in the USA. What is it we do? 

Countries that embrace the idea of peace and ending drug cartels can benefit from global market places with a well trained worker class all facilitated by USA international policy and USA aspirations to trade with these countries. Quality of life will change the minds of those emigrants. Instead, they will stay within their own countries to love their families and enjoy a quality of life that is foreign to them; something they dream about.

What works? Border walls? Sometimes, in multiples of three. But, in reality border walls don't work. Blast walls work somewhat in places like Iraq, but, when the drug cartels of Mexico decide it is in their best interest to think outside the box they do exactly that.

Do border walls end cartels? Of course not. Do border walls make the USA safer? Not from my perspective. Do border walls stop the emigrants from entering the USA? Doesn't seem to. Is it more expansive for the USA to deport the Undocumented or allow them to work and pay taxes? 

Why break up families and cause adversity within the USA? Because that is what Republican policy does. It causes hardship to families with some being born in the USA and some not. Do we value families or do we value LAW AND ORDER more than families?

There is no enforcement that is going to end the problem at the USA southern border. Working with countries in Latin America will bring about stability of other governments, peace within their borders and our and will provide pride in our country in providing solutions to problems that appear at our border.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Republicans see opportunity with incarceration and a broken trial system.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is the difference between valuing human life or valuing profits?

Will a border wall and deportations end crime in the USA? No. Will it end a certain type of crime in the USA? Maybe, but, more than likely not. The reason sanctuary cities exist is because it lowers crime rates and no go zones in cities.

The people of the USA need to make the decision to pay their bills with the help of newly minted Undocumented or to create more bills by building walls and staffing the border with weapons and officers?

Did I mention the unemployment rate in the USA? It would seem as though the Undocumented are doing their part to add to the USA economy with an unemployment rate of 4.5%. We are not displacing Americans from jobs if the Undocumented stayed and became citizens.

Problem solved.