Thursday, April 06, 2017

"Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight have Trump's approval ratings at 40.2 as of today and 40.4 as of yesterday.

The 10/9/12, 2:30 PM entry is from Mr. Trump's own twitter account.

Trump acted prematurely. Putin had called for a UN Security Council resolution regarding the chemical attack. Putin was speaking in Sochi at the time Trump delivered weapon attack into Syria. During his talk he stated the USA needs to stop blaming Russia regarding chemical attack if it didn't want the same. There were steps to take before such an attack. Trump is going to set the world on fire. There are steps to take LONG BEFORE missles are released. 50 surface to surface missiles. What is the destructive force of Tomahawks? Casualties. China and Russia should not over react, but, continue at the UN condemning such aggression without global consent. "W" was frustrated with the process, too. What a mess this is!
How does Russia feel about Trump now?

The Tomahawk was used in Libya. 90 were deployed to disarm the Qaddafi air war. The missiles are precision guided and collateral damage can be minimized.

Approval ratingDates
Most recent weekly average38Mar 27-Apr 2, 2017
Term average to date41Jan 20, 2017-present
High point, weekly average45Jan 20-29, 2017
Low point, weekly average38Mar 27-Apr 2, 2017
High point, three-day average46twice; last on Jan 23-25, 2017
Low point, three-day average35Mar 26-28, 2017

You know when problems such as Syria arises; the USA is not under attack and whether Populous Trump likes it or not he has NO authority to do ANYTHING except defend the sovereign USA. Such acts  require input by the US Congress.

What bothers me is that at the time the bombs were falling Tillerson was stating Assad had no future in Syria. Did we just declare war on Assad? Such a war opens weaknesses for Assad. That interprets into strength for Assad's enemies including Daesh.

Trump has caused a power void and Daesh is probably exploiting it already.

Plainly, the USA has no dog in this fight. Such aggression require a REASONABLE time frame with weapons deployment as the last resort. If Putin closes Russia's diplomatic corp from its previous mission  we are looking at the return of "The Cold War" at the very least.